Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Romantic Idea of a Forest

I'm very drawn to the image of a dark forest these days. There are so many mentioned in the old folk and fairy tales. The pop up in scriptures too. A kind of metaphor for being lost or confused.

I think that the old forests of fairy tales seem so romantic. The idea of being surrounded by a sea of aging trees and the mystery of what lives or lurks there. Some quaint hermit, or a devious witch that cooks children for dinner.

The illustration posted above is by the Russian illustrator Ivan Bilibin. His work is all based on the richness of old Russian folk and fairy tales. He too loved and often depicted the deepness of the forest. How could he not being in Russia?

His illustrations are filled with these antiquated hues and sophisticated lines. I love to see the evidence of drawing left behind in artwork. Line has to be my favorite element of design.

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